((Sister 1’s bearded dragon can dance))

I question wether you were high haha that was pretty great


Anonymous asked:

Do you know anything about bearded dragons? I'm taking care of one for a friend right now. They said it likes to be held, but I don't know how to tell if it's upset with me approaching it, or if it wants to be held. I don't wanna hurt him o___o

ghirahim answered:

im not terribly knowledgeable on how to care for beardies— i do know they tend to be more readily handled than, say, a certain wonder gecko in my life

they do hiss, bite, and before either of those they’ll fluff out their beards. i think their beards also get darker if they’re pissed off. they probably also do things like head bobbing or… pushups? geckos do pushups at least but it involves some sort of head bobbing so i mean. idk. a lot of animals have some pretty obvious signs of being pissed off bc biting is not really their first instinct.

if he goes to hide— probably doesn’t want to be held. if he bobs his head and fans out his beard— probably doesn’t want to be held. if he does pushups or bobs his head— probably doesn’t want to be held. if he lets you hold him then it’s probably okay. he’d not make it easy to hold him if he didn’t feel comfortable with the action, i think, but i’m also far from an expert; i’d ask someone who owns beardies or runs a blog about them!

If he runs away from your hands when you try back off and try later. If it’s younger then it’ll get darker when upset. If it’s an adult it’ll get a dark beard. As long as it’s not puffing up or hissing just keep trying and it’ll get used to you holdin him.




If you haven’t researched bearded dragons extensively before buying one then you shouldn’t own one. That goes for all animals but I’m gonna stick with bearded dragons. My first reptile was a bearded dragon named McLovin. He died after 6 months of having him because I didn’t know what I was doing….

My baby boy Nacho had a close call when I was a bit younger and was struggling to realize why he wasn’t moving much, turns out I needed a UVB lamp which would help with calcium and food digestion. Years later he is still a healthy boy. For trips where I can’t bring his UVB lamb I take him outside to get natural UVB rays which is another cheap way of ensuring they get those rays, sadly though you will need a UVB lamp during the winter season. I’m sure Mclovins passed away knowing he was loved very much and that you tried your best.

I’m glad nacho is happy and healthy. And thank you. That really means a lot…